Satire: Pikesville Grogger Duo to Tour the World

Grogger (noisemaker) for the holiday Purim. (Grogger: ©Getty Images/iStock /Getty Images Plus/tovfla)

In only two years, the experimental all-grogger noise-band Grogger Doom not only has established an indispensable presence in Baltimore’s underground noise scene, but it will embark on a world tour beginning in March.

The debut EP “ZZZZzzzzZZ” has been hailed by critics as “a DIY masterpiece” and “somehow the most boring and exhilarating record I’ve heard in years.”

By Purim 2016, Ralph Adelstein was disillusioned by Baltimore’s experimental music scene. Only months before, his all-shofar band, RAMpant tHORNS, had an awful gig from which they would never recover.

“They ruined Rosh Hashanah,” said a source, who spoke with JT on the condition of anonymity. “Their performance disturbed me so much that even after a day of fasting on Yom Kippur, I had no appetite.”

“I was done with experimental music,” said Adelstein. “I was so down on myself, I almost started playing guitar.” Adelstein was at the Purim service at Chizuk Amuno with his little brother when, all of a sudden, came the sound of the shrillest, loudest grogger he had ever heard.

Across the synagogue sat Max Tenenbaum, Adelstein’s partner in zingy madness.

“You can’t force this kind of chemistry,” said Tenenbaum, while individually shining each grogger in his collection of more than a dozen. “I wish I could bring them all on tour.”

Grogger Doom’s first full-length album, “This is Not a Toy …” is set for release on March 2.

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