Pikesville Student Josie Shaffer Featured on ‘The Daily Show’

Pikesville High Student Josie Shaffer, far right, and other Baltimore-area students were featured in a sketch on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” while at the March on Saturday. (“The Daily Show” screen shot)

Pikesville High School senior Josie Shaffer is making a name for herself locally for recent activism on gun control.

But none of her media appearances were quite like the one that aired Monday night on “The Daily Show.” Shaffer, the student representative on the Baltimore County Public Schools Board of Education, and her friends were featured in a segment on the Comedy Central show that was recorded while they were at the March For Our Lives protest in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

In the sketch, “The Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic concludes that adults can no longer handle the pressing issues facing the nation and tasks Shaffer and her friends with enacting legislative changes on issues such as North Korea, the Middle East conflict, immigration reform, and U.S. tax code. She hands the students binders on each issue as they volunteer to tackle it. Shaffer took the tax code.

When Shaffer reminds Lydic that these issues are actually the responsibility of congress, Lydic laughs, “You really are young. That’s hilarious.”

View March 26’s “Daily Show” here.


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