Piven’s Bar Mitzvah Rap

Photo Provided
Photo Provided

Jeremy Piven stopped by “The Jonathan Ross Show” on Sunday to promote his new ITV series “Mr. Selfridge,” and almost immediately the host of the British talk show asked about his religion. Piven identified himself as “Jew-ish,” not too “hardcore, don’t wear peyos and don’t daven.” He also admitted that he was a “terrible bar mitzvah boy” but said he found a unique way to study for the big day.

“It was hard for me to learn Hebrew,” Piven said. “I actually had to rap my haftarah portion,” and he immediately broke into a live rapping of the portion, much to the enthusiasm of Ross, who suggested that Piven should use his rapping powers to prepare other young Jewish boys for their bar mitzvahs.

Piven’s response?

“Yes! We’ll get Justin Bieber, we’ll circumcise him, and everybody wins!”

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