Police Investigating Hate Fliers Dispersed on Lawns, Placed on Cars

Image of antisemitic fliers found on personal property in and around Baltimore in late January. (Screenshot)

The Baltimore County Police Department is investigating the discovery of antisemitic fliers that were left on lawns in Perry Hall in late January.

The fliers were tossed on personal property and cars, and took two forms, saying either “Every single aspect of the Biden administration is Jewish” or “Every single aspect of the covid agenda is Jewish.” It also included a QR code for people to scan.

In the case of the political flier, the top of it said “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase that is intended as an insult to President Joe Biden, while the bottom included the names and photographs of various members of the federal government with Israeli flags next to them.

The leaflets were similar to fliers that have been left on yards in other communities and cities across the United States in the last year or two. Some of those previous incidents were committed by members of the virulently antisemitic Goyim Defense League.

It is not known if a member of that particular group was responsible for the leafleting in Perry Hall.

“The police have been in contact with us on this,” said Howard Libit, executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council. “Over the past few years, there has been periodic graffiti around the Towson area and central Baltimore County with markings associated with the Goyim Defense League. There are also hate fliers from time to time in different parts of the county.”

Image of antisemitic fliers found on personal property in and around Baltimore in late January. (Screenshot)

According to Libit, this is just “an attempt to intimidate and harass Jewish communities and spread hate.

“Unfortunately, we have been seeing these types of fliers and other harassment more frequently amid the national surge in antisemitic incidents,” he continued. “We appreciate the work of the Baltimore County police to take these fliers seriously. All of us as Marylanders must stand together against antisemitism and hate in all forms.”

Spokesperson for the Baltimore County Police Department Trae A. Corbin stated: “At this time, detectives are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. We urge the public to contact us at 410-307-2020 if they have any information regarding this case.”

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