Pro-Israel Sign Stolen in Third Vandalism Incident at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation


In the third incident since Oct. 7, a “We Stand with the People of Israel” sign was stolen from the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation campus’s soccer field. This follows a similar sign and one stating “Bring the Hostages Home” being slashed in December 2023, and a second sign-slashing incident later that month.

Baltimore Hebrew Congregation’s sign before being stolen (Courtesy of Baltimore Hebrew Congregation)

Vandalism also took place in December at Suburban Orthodox Congregation, where an Israeli flag was slashed.

In an official statement from BHC, the synagogue stated that a family that was there for b’nai mitzvah tutoring witnessed a group of children cutting the sign off of the soccer field’s fence, putting it in a bag and running away.

“It is especially unfortunate that those involved in this theft appear to have been children. We do not exactly know how old,” said BHC’s Rabbi Andrew Busch in an interview with the JT. “We believe education is the best approach to building a fair, tolerant and understanding society.”

The family promptly reported the theft when they entered the congregation, and police are currently investigating the incident.

“As we have stated following two prior incidents of vandalism against BHC’s signs, however one may feel about the Israel-Gaza conflict, we assume that our fellow Baltimore residents would grant others their own point of view. It is especially egregious to experience the violation of a religious congregation’s property,” the official statement read.

The statement added that this sign will not be replaced, as it was from a pro-Israel march held earlier in the year. However, the sign on BHC’s front lawn will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

“Our congregation, our rabbis and our congregants will continue to voice their own views and ask important questions about the conflict in the Middle East,” the statement added.
Busch noted that there are currently no plans to increase security measures on BHC’s campus, as no one was hurt or endangered, and they are always taking steps to ensure that congregants are safe.

“Baltimore Hebrew Congregation and other synagogues are quite aware of our security situation and make wise decisions regarding protecting our members, guests, building and our community,” he said. “We certainly hope this is the last act of vandalism against our congregation, or any community.”

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