Proud Savta


Dear Ezra,

I am so proud of you! We all are so proud that you have held on to so many of our traditions at such an early age. It is wonderful that not only are you keenly aware of Shabbat in our tradition, but that you also have captured the beautiful story of Mr. Apelberg in your essay (“May Brings Many Awards for Krieger Schecter Students,” June 1).

And thank G-d you are also keenly aware of your responsibility as the last generation to learn of the Holocaust firsthand.

We are also aware that you will carry on the memory of the Holocaust, the survivors and our history so that we must all know that it must never happen again. It is up to you and to all of us to hold on to that responsibility dearly and throughout all of our lives.

The essay is a beautiful illustration of your commitment to our Jewish people, the fourth commandment and your understanding of the wonderful role which you have accepted going forward, not only from your bar mitzvah day but forever as a Jew!

We all are so very aware of the kindness and sensitivity you have shown to Mr. Apelberg so that he may know that his story will be told again and again by those with whom you have shared his and your story.

May G-d Bless you always and continue to watch over you and all of your beautiful qualities forever. Yesher koach and kola k’vod!

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