Pushing To Be Un-“Stuck”


Mazel Tov to Simone Ellin for her thorough and touching article “New Documentary Shines Spotlight on Flawed International Adoption System” (May 31). This is a crucial time for children languishing in orphanages worldwide.

Ministry to the orphan is a tenet in Christian scripture and in the practice of most churches. We are taught to care for the orphan in the Torah. Brian and I are now working to inform the greater Jewish community about the tragedy faced by orphans globally and hope to begin a discussion of our responsibility as Jews to orphans.

On Sunday, July 14, we will show “Stuck,” an award-winning documentary produced by Both Ends Burning, at Moses Montefiore Greengate Jewish Center at 1 p.m. Our speakers will include families who have traveled the frustrating journey of international adoption and have been blessed with children in their arms to protect and love.

Love grows children and allows them to blossom. Unfortunately, the international adoption system is broken, hindered by the Hague Convention and other problems. The loss of human potential is huge, as adoptive parents wade through the paperwork needed to complete an adoption and children suffer in orphanages without stimulation or love for years. We feel it is time for the Jewish community to examine this humanitarian tragedy.

What If adoption didn’t average $28,000 and take approximately three years? How many more children would find their way into loving homes?

During our time volunteering with Both Ends Burning, we have been reminded that for every month in an institution such as an orphanage, a child loses a month of developmental growth. We cannot close our eyes to this. Our daughter suffered, and we lost her due to her extended time in an orphanage.

Join us on July 14 at Moses Montefiore to help us start a Jewish journey to change the future of many kids in the world. We will have arts and crafts for children and cookie decorating with an international twist. “Big B,” our clown with a heart, will bring smiles to younger faces.

We will have a question-and-answer session after “Stuck” and discuss what Both Ends Burning (bothendsburning.org) is doing and what our Jewish response should be to the tragedy occurring in orphanages.

Every child deserves a family. Our compassion should have no borders.

Kudos to the JT for stepping forward to discuss this crisis.

Dr. Brian Parker
Erica Finkelstein-Parker

Littlestown, Pa.

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