Put Your Trust in Levinson & Bros.


When my father-in-law died in Puerto Rico, one call at 3 a.m. to Sol Levinson & Bros., and they arranged everything (Family Owned & Proud of It,” Aug.22). It hurt hearing my father-in-law go from “Leon” to “the body,” but you can trust Levinson to get the job done. When my father-in-law’s body missed the plane in Philadelphia, they drove in a hearse to retrieve his body.

When my family owned the original Suburban House in the 1960s to 1980s,  we used to have both the Lewis and the Levinson families as customers. [The Lewis family funeral home was the Levinson’s last big competitor.] If we tried to seat someone between the two families, they would always say,” I am not sitting between those two.  Seat me somewhere else.” It was pretty funny, even today when I tell my friends about it.


Edy Cohen Bondroff

Owings Mills


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