Reform Not What Is Needed


I would be remiss if I didn’t make some comments about Del. Jon Cardin’s grandiose claim to be someone who wants to bring about campaign reform to our political process (“The Year of Campaign Reform,” Jan. 11).

What Mr. Cardin didn’t tell you is the amount of contribution money he and his associates, Sen. Bobby Zirkin and Del. Dana Stein, have collected in their campaign treasuries as career politicians. You would be stunned upon learning the figure they have accepted in their political careers as district politicians.  Just imagine if we could use that money to feed the needy. Wouldn’t that be a lot better?

The reality is that no new laws are needed for campaign reform. All that politicians have to do is make a commitment not to take any money from anyone. Campaign contributions are nothing but legal bribes. While they might be legal, they are morally wrong.  Additionally, to bring about real campaign reform, politicians should make a commitment to serve no more than two terms and then conclude their public service as “politicians.”  This would allow them to concentrate on really serving the people instead of focusing on holding on to power and fame.

Hence, if Mr. Cardin and other politicians were really sincere about campaign finance reform, they would acknowledge that the two greatest causes of the destruction of the integrity of our political system are as follows: campaign contributions and career politicians.

Ralph Jaffe

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