Repair the World Baltimore encourages voter participation

Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay.

Repair the World Baltimore is working hard in preparation for the upcoming election, with several different initiatives and partnerships intended to support the community’s right to vote.

One opportunity is to become an election protection volunteer. Community members can take part in “running a hotline basically, that will take concerns from eligible voters who may feel like their voting rights are being infringed upon,” said Diana Goldsmith, the Baltimore program manager at Repair the World Baltimore. This is being done with a partner, Election Protection.

Another opportunity, through Repair the World’s partner, VoteRiders, involves phone or text banking to unlikely voters, encouraging them to vote or to register to vote.

Additionally, Goldsmith said, Repair the World Baltimore is also encouraging residents to outline their own personal voting plan, which includes making sure they are registered, signing up to vote by mail if they are interested in doing so, putting in place a plan if they wish to vote in person and knowing their basic rights in regards to voting.

“Not only is it really important to vote, obviously, but it’s important to be an educated voter,” Goldsmith said.


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