Repair the World Baltimore shores up poll workers with partnership

Image by TheDigitalArtist from Pixabay.

With the primary elections over and the national conventions run and done, the national election is just a month away. And as all signs suggest the Baltimore area will remain under threat from COVID-19 on election day, Repair the World Baltimore is doing what it can to help ensure a smooth voting process.

In a new partnership, Repair the World is working with the group, Power the Polls, to assist their effort to recruit local young people to work as poll workers on election day.

“Power the Polls is an organization that is aiming to get specifically younger folks to help to run polling centers this upcoming election,” said Diana Goldsmith, program manager at Repair the World Baltimore. “Obviously with the threat of COVID, a lot of the poll workers in the past have largely been retirees and older adults, and who are unable to come or unwilling, because of health concerns, to run the polling centers this coming year.”

A lack of volunteers can severely hinder a polling center’s ability to operate effectively, such as the number of hours it can stay open for, so Repair the World Baltimore is helping to spread the message of the Power the Polls program.

To that end, Repair the World has launched its #RepairTheVote campaign, which lists Power the Polls on the Repair the World website as one of the volunteer opportunities community members can participate in.

The national office of Repair the World will also be sharing Power the Polls’ message via email and its social media accounts, said Laura Belinfante, Repair the World’s director of digital strategy.

Poll workers will be provided with personal protective equipment and receive the training necessary to operate as a poll worker, Goldsmith said. In some cases, depending on the district, a poll worker may even receive payment.

According to the Power the Polls website, they are hoping to motivate as many as 250,000 Americans to volunteer as poll workers for the upcoming election.


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