Restaurant Offers Gluten-Free Fusion Fare


Combine classic American fare with a little South-Asian fusion. Toss in some Caribbean spice. Then, make sure that whatever is served — bun and all — is completely gluten-free.

Welcome to Meet 27 Bistro, a new restaurant in Baltimore’s Remington neighborhood. The creation of Paul Goldberg and his business partner Richard D’Souza, it boasts an extensive menu of burgers, entrees and desserts.

Recently we spoke with Goldberg about his new venture:

What’s your concept?
Some restaurants serve gluten-free items, but the menu isn’t gluten-free. There’s always the concern about cross-contamination. My partner [along with his wife] owns a gluten-free bakery (Sweet Sin).

Most popular menu item?
Filet of trout wrapped in banana leaves. And pan-seared salmon with caramelized plantains and fresh vegetables with a cranberry and pomegranate sauce, topped with a salad.

Your personal favorites?
I love the salmon tartare, hummus and sweet potato fries.

The menu is inspired by diverse culinary influences.
Richard has been in the culinary business since he was 15. He traveled across the world, worked on cruise ships, worked in Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Miami,
All these experiences make up the modern American experience of the immigrant.


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