Right to Fly Flag Is the American Way


I am Carl Berenholtz’s brother-in-law (“Confederate Battle Flag Comes under Fire,” July 3), and over the past half-century I have disagreed with him as much as agreed with him. I read Jodie Zisow’s July 24 letter to the JT (“Mr. Berenholtz: Take Down That Flag”), and I feel compelled to speak up.

The Civil War was as much about a way of life, a region’s economics and the right to object to the actions of our government as it was about slavery. I agree that slavery was wrong just as I agree that the KKK was as evil as Germany and Hitler.

But democracy has shown that the right to question government leads to a free place to live. I agree that the Confederate flag should not be flown on government land, but to deny an American the right to fly any flag on his own property is not what America stands for. Would you deny a Jew the right to fly the flag of Israel in his yard or put Chanukah lights on his property?

We are blessed to live in this country. Appreciate what it has to offer.

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