Sad To Say


Allow me to string together three articles that appeared in the Oct. 11 Baltimore Jewish Times.

A JTA Wire Service item, “They Love This Stuff,” outlined “the battle over President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law … that led … to a shutdown of the government.” Judaism has a dog in this fight: Halacha regards health care as a right, not a privilege. Further, according to research conducted by former Baltimorean Rabbi Dr. Alan Yuter (a Republican, by the way), it even prefers a single-payer system. This is what the citizens of the State of Israel enjoy. In this imbroglio, I accuse Congressman Andy Harris (R-Md.) of values malpractice. Harris is a physician by trade, an M.D. All physicians take the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” Yet, as part of the “Tyranny of the Minority” (JT editorial), Harris supported Tea Party efforts to shut down the government in order to prevent poor people from having greater access to health insurance and private (not government) health insurance, at that. Harris’ wife is Jewish, a fact that is kept quiet, unlike the case with Rep. John Sarbanes (“Sarbanes, The Jazz Musician”). Rep. Harris is the same individual who, at an orientation session for freshmen congressmen in October 2010, demanded “to know why his government-subsidized health plan takes a month to kick in” (“Politico,” Oct. 15, 2010). This crybaby kvetch even made the national news. Sad to say, but these days “M.D.” — in his case — apparently stands for malpractice defendant.
S.R. Cohen

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