Satire: Do You Know What Your Jewish Teens Are Texting?


Are you confused by what your Jewish teen is texting? Sometimes it seems like they have a language all their own, and it’s hard to keep up. Fear not! We’ve broken down some of the most popular phrases that Jewish teens have been using lately. (Note: Some are more likely to be used during certain times of the year.)

LOL: Lots of Lox

BRB: Badly Run Bris

ILY: Israelis Love Yelling

ROFL: Really Outstanding Freakin’ Latkes

STFU: Stephen’s Tefillin Feels Unreal

LMK: Let Mom Know

AWOL: Always Without Leavening (for use around Passover)

IKR: I Kvell Readily

YOLO: You Only
Leviticus Once

TTYL: This Tallis You’ll Love

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