Self-Invented Character Groggers


(Ages 3 to 10)

Materials Needed

  • Empty (clean and dry) plastic milk or juice container with handle (quart or half-gallon), save the lid too!
  • White glue, scissors
  • Beans, marbles, tic-tacs, candies (anything that makes lots of noise when shaken in an empty container)
  • Multi-colored felt pieces, construction paper, tissue paper, wallpaper samples, etc.

Step 1—Plan a design for the character you wish to make (Esther, Mordechai, King Achashverosh, Haman, Vashti, etc.)
Step 2—Color and cut out the pieces which make up the face. Arrange them into a design on a table before gluing onto the jug.
Step 3—Using glue sparingly, apply your design onto the jug and create a character.
Step 4—When completely dry, pour in two handfuls of noisemaking things (your choice) and replace lid. Using masking tape or white electrical tape to reinforce the lid.
Step 5—Bring the grogger to synagogue and shake it like mad whenever you hear the hame—Haman!

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