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As president of the Lonsmen Motorcycle Club, I would like to express our club’s appreciation to Jewish Times reporter Susan Ingram and photographer Stuart Dahne for such a wonderful, well-written and documented article, “We Ride” (Oct. 6). Susan and Stuart were very professional, and we applaud the JT for projecting a positive light on those of us who choose to ride motorcycles.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we understand the inherent risks we take each time we ride, but one message that really needs to be brought to readers’ attention is that we all share the same roads. Please, watch for motorcyclists. Motorcycles can be hard to see, and distance judgment is impaired due to the visual line of sight between a driver of a car and an approaching motorcycle. This is especially true for vehicles making a left-hand turn. Many car-motorcycle collisions are based on a car driver not identifying a motorcycle approaching.

Please be careful when driving a vehicle, and for our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, watch your speed and be aware of the surrounding traffic. Your life depends on it!

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