Shavuot—A Festival of Milk And Honey


Shavuot marks the anniversary of the “giving of the Torah.” It was at this time that God revealed himself on Mount Sinai and gave Moses the Ten Commandments. The Torah is said to be “as nutritious as milk and as sweet as honey,” because so many foods consist of dairy dishes and perhaps a touch of honey.

The first fruits of the harvest also are found on Shavuot tables. Tender greens, including vegetarian dishes and cool fruits, are traditional delights.

All over Europe and Israel, fruit soups, served hot and cold, with or withoutknaidlach, are favorite items. The whiteness of milk is thought to be a symbol of the purity of the Torah, possibly why “hands down” the most popular Shavuot food everywhere is cheesecake.

I love dairy dishes, especially during warm weather. Here are some of my favorites to celebrate Shavuot.

Fruit Borscht With Spicy Knaidlach

Eternal Spring Soup

Cold Berry Soup

Uncooked Honey Salad Dressingh

Low-Fat Lemon Cheesecake

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

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