Show, Don’t Tell


We all wonder why people either buy or don’t buy from us. You must understand your buyers’ psychology.

In order for someone to make a purchase they must have the following three issues satisfied:

> They must feel like they know you.

> They must feel like they can trust you.

> They must like you.

The fastest way for you to accomplish this is with video that allows your customers to get to know you.

A recent survey showed that 54 percent of people who watched a video from a business bought a product from that business. Seeing is believing.

You are reading this, but imagine what it would be like if you were seeing me walking you through the important highlights of this column. You would feel like you know me, you hopefully would like me, and you would be more likely to trust me from the way I deliver my information.

Do you know what the No. 2 Internet search engine is and who owns it?

YouTube —owned by Google.

Your clients are searching online for information. The best way for them to learn about you is for you to control the conversation. Here are some guidelines to consider when producing online commercials.

> Create an HD video, and make sure your sound is good.

> Keep your message to no more than three minutes; two minutes is even better.

> Make sure your video contains your contact information and provides good information that helps the viewer in his/her buying decision.

Brian Sacks is a mobile marketing expert with more than 26 years of direct-response marketing experience. He is the co-founder of Trackable Response Inc. in Catonsville. For more information, visit

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