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071213_simply_deliciousMove over hamburgers. Out of the way, hot dogs. There is something new to bite into — and it has nothing to do with meat.

Jennifer Polt, a stay-at-home mom who recently turned vegan, this summer debuted Sound Bites crackers and granola. Selling the product at the Towson farmers’ market on Allegheny Avenue from 10:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. each Thursday, she said Sound Bites is a healthy, naturally dehydrated food made from organic and locally grown ingredients.

Founder and chief producer, Polt started the company to “give people a healthier choice no matter what kind of diet they eat.”

On a recent visit to the market, Polt had a line of customers curious about her bites. Many took a taste of the crackers, which come in flavors ranging from onion to caraway to zucchini flax to walnut.

Polt’s new career really began over a decade ago, when she was in her 20s. She worked tirelessly in multiple cake, bread and cookie bakeries and said, “I would eat pretty much anything.”

However, a little over a year ago, Polt’s diet took a drastic shift, and she became a raw vegan. The diet forced her to “create interesting things” for her husband Rich and sons Sam and Ethan to eat. Her crackers “come out of my own personal journey.”

But even nonvegans seem to really like the product.

Customer Michele Miller called Sound Bites snacks “simply delicious. My body thrives on all of those vitamins and enzymes.”

Vicki Kordell, another customer, said she enjoys the “freshness and flavor. It’s a guilt-free snack.” Kordell has visited the market each week to buy more crackers.

Polt would like her company to be socially conscious, too. Days after its founding, she partnered with Apex Food Company’s Honey Bee Restoration Project, which seeks to combat the rapidly declining honeybee population in the Baltimore area. In addition, Polt purchases all of her products from a local farm company, Baltimorganic.

She said she also sees the company as a vehicle for sharing memories from her childhood through food.

“The crackers bring me back to Jewish holidays as a child,” Polt said, something her raw vegan lifestyle has generally prohibited her from savoring.

“Even though I’m now restricted on what I can and cannot eat, the crackers give this new diet a sense of warmth and help invoke a lot of the same feelings, emotions and memories,” Polt
explained. “Whether people are on similar eating paths as I am or not, my crackers have universal appeal.”

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