Smart Meters, Dumb On So Many Levels


Thank you for running the informative article on BGE trying to replace all of our electric meters with smart meters (“Smart Meters: Dumb Choice,” April 12). These are being installed in every house, apartment, office, school, library and hospital in Baltimore.  We apparently are not receiving enough cumulative electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, microwaves, X-rays, CT scans, etc. BGE has a radical solution: 24/7 exposure to heavy doses of non-ionizing radiation from smart meters, adding to our overload of environmental carcinogens and guaranteeing a multitude of health problems, as demonstrated in areas of the country where these meters have been installed.

Remember how the anti-nausea drug thalidomide was touted as being safe and even encouraged during pregnancy? Only after a generation of children were born with deformed limbs did we realize how dangerous the drug was.

Please don’t allow this to happen again. We do not know the long-term consequences of toxic exposure to non-ionizing radiation. Currently three percent of Baltimore residents have chosen to opt out by calling BGE at 800-685-0123 and saying “I do not want a smart meter.”

However, unless an opt out gets approved in the next Maryland legislative session or the Maryland Public Service Commission grants a permanent opt out, we may not have a choice and may be forced to be exposed to this radiation 24/7.

Smart meters are already being installed in Randallstown. We live in the United States, a democratic country, where citizens have the right to be heard. Please take action now. Every person counts.
Dr. Bev Adler

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