Smart Meters Unwise


I would like to add my two cents regarding your article critical of BGE’s plan to replace our present analog meters with the so called smart meters (“Smart Meters: Dumb Choice,” April 5). There are several concerns with these meters. The most popular objection is to the potential health hazards of the microwave rad-iation they will emit.  Although this may be a significant concern, those in favor of the smart meters say that there is no proof of a health hazard. This is true. However, of much greater concern to me is the known problem with the meters overheating and causing fires. This is a real danger, and no one has to do a study to know that fires are hazardous to your health and property. These smart meters have been known to produce voltage surges that can “fry” your TVs, computers and anything else with a microprocessor.

A Pennsylvania electric provider, Pepco, had to suspend installation of smart meters because of fires caused by the brand of meter they were installing. They eventually switched the brand, but who knows if the new brand is any safer.  It is my understanding that none of the smart meters are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved. Anyone interested in reading about the potential for fire hazards needs only to do a Google search for “smart meter fires” to decide if he wants this danger in his home.

Finally, in a recent edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times, there was a rebuttal to your April 5 article, denying the validity of the complaints and instead extolling the virtues of the smart meters (“Smart Meters: Plain Smart,” April 19). It is significant to know that this rebuttal argument was written by a communications officer working for BGE.

I, for one, have been granted a temporary opt-out from the program, during which time BGE will not install a smart meter in my home. I am awaiting the Maryland PSC decision determining how a permanent opt-out will be handled.

Allan Sherr

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