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Patti NeumannSocial networking is simply a means of communicating in real time with others. If you don’t already know them, the main players in social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare.

Do you know how to use them?

In my new JT social media/entertainment column, I will unveil ins-ightful dos and don’ts, skills, tips and information to better use these social networking vehicles to manage your business and grow your customer base, no matter what industry you are in.

The business world is changing, actually evolving, as you read this. Just yesterday Web 2.0 took over the push-pull technology of Web 1.0. Now our ever-connected society is entering the next realm — Web 3.0, a space where all becomes integrated into everyday social life.

Yes, “social” is the key word. Work was never really connected to the word social … until now.

Here’s a little background on me. My business,, was born out of a newsletter on my AOL acc-ount. I used the email as a business tool, sending news to colleagues and friends on what was going on in the area. Now, in addition to my email blasts, with the help of social networking avenues, my business has blossomed into a regional online resource guide. I use the help of viral, free sharing tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, amont others.

To get there, I had to embrace the “20-something” sites and learn how to create brand awareness and market my business. Now, it’s your turn.

I’m still learning as I go. Adapting to change is crucial, as I figure out the latest and greatest things. I invite you to learn with me.

In the upcoming weeks, we will get you up to speed on the nuances and differences between Facebook pages and friend accounts, on what Twitter is, on how LinkedIn can help you connect in the business world and on what Pinterest is.

But heed my warning, which I will repeat, everything you say can and might be used against you in a court of law or public opinion. Take this to heart. This is a real mantra on the Internet.

Think of what you choose to post on the Internet as a tattoo — be it a Facebook update or a Twitter feed or a tip on Foursquare or a video on YouTube. It’s a permanent branded seal. What you post on the Internet is as difficult to erase as a tattoo on your skin. Your words might never, ever be erased, and they could even harm your career.

But do not fear, I am here to help you with social strategies, tips and tricks. So connect with me, and get started. The world is your oyster (kosher, of course!), so let’s get cracking.

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