Socialism Not All Bad


Please allow me to offer three brief clarifications relative to Sonny Taragin’s letter from July 20.

First, all economic systems are mixtures of capitalist, socialist and command economies. We already have a lot of socialism in America, and most of us like it. The public schools, the income tax, public transportation, interstate highways and the U.S. Post Office are all “socialist.” The federal government remains the largest single employer in the United States.

Second, socialism is not a political but an economic system. That’s why people like Bernie Sanders can be Democratic socialists. In the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers focused almost exclusively on political rather than economic rights. No national economic system is ever mentioned in the Constitution or the Federalist Papers.

Last, survey after survey shows that the countries that have the “happiest” populations also have large doses of socialism, which provide fairness and security for their citizens. To be clear, I am not a socialist. I do think the federal government (including the military) has gotten too big. However, I think we should be careful about simplifying concepts and waving red flags.

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