Something for Everyone This Passover Season

The shelves at Giant grocery store in Pikesville. (Andy Belt)

In the Baltimore area, it’s not a challenge to find food for your Passover Seder or for your altered diet during the week. In fact, the Jewish Link of New Jersey reported that nearly 55,000 items will be available for the holiday this year. According to USA Today, Passover sales consist of $1.3 billion of the $12 billion kosher market annually.

Locally, tradition remains an important fixture of holiday purchasing, according to supermarket managers.

“Shopping season just started last week, but you always have your classics like sour cream, cream cheese and yogurts are always top sellers,” said Zachary Richards, the manager for Seasons in Pikesville. “Matzah, matzah ball mix, anything that people make their Seders with.”

Matt LePore, the general manager of Wegmans in Owings Mills, said the store does have some new products coming in for the season, but for the most part, it’s business as usual.

“We do have Empire coming in now that’s kosher for Passover, but nothing really too new,” LePore said. “Selection varies by store. Some have higher penetration of kosher items than others in Maryland. Matzah is always a great seller along with the more traditional items that we carry.”

Wegmans readies for Passover by dividing the food sections in half.

“We’re laid out in two separate sections of the store,” LePore explained. “Near our deli, that wall has been changed and turned into a Passover wall. And then our dry items are on the other side. So people can have a quick and easy shopping experience when they come in.”

The Wegmans in Owings Mills is available to cater Passover meals (both heat-and-serve or prepared food trays). The store also has no dearth of products on their shelves for the holiday.

The Passover food aisle at Giant grocery store in Pikesville. (Andy Belt)

Some notable items include Irene’s Mini Potato Latkes, Irene’s Apple Blintzes and Meal Mart’s Chicken Tenders.

At Giant in Pikesville, the JT noted a plethora of Joyva jelly snacks and a variety of matzahs in all flavors, from Egg to Everything. There was even kosher-for-Passover chocolate-flavored cereal.

While not guaranteed to be on all supermarket shelves, there are plenty of new products this year from kosher-for-Passover purveyors.

Lieber’s Hot Sauce looks to spice up any Passover meal for those who enjoy a little extra heat, while Mikee’s Marinara Sauce and Tonelli’s Apple Cider Vinegar will bring additional flavor minus the spice factor.

As far as desserts go, Manischewitz offers new gluten-free hazelnut chocolate macaroons, and Shefa has released animal-shaped gummy snack and “fruit twiggs.” If you like chametz-free pastries during your holiday meal, look no further than Geffen’s cherry and apple pie fillings, new on shelves this year.

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