Sorry, Rubin!


In a letter positioned at the bottom of your “Your Say …” section (July 26), “Hebrew Christian” leader Barry Rubin complains that his letters are placed at the bottom of that section, below those of Jews for Judaism leaders and community rabbis. His sentiment: How dare the Baltimore Jewish Times give priority to Jewish concerns over missionary indoctrination attempts.

Yet, in another sense the Jewish community does owe a debt of gratitude to Rev. Rubin and his conversionary cohorts. With so much dividing and weakening within our Jewish community today, we at times despair of the possibility of Jewish unity. Rubin has unintentionally provided the antidote. Whether one is Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist or Humanist in terms of Jewish affiliation, on this point, at least, virtually all Jews can and do agree: A Jew who believes in and practices Christianity is not practicing Judaism.

Two thousand years of crusades, pogroms, inquisitions and forced conversionary attempts can hardly be erased by deceptive semantic tricks, such as the switch in terminology from “Christianity” to “Messianic Judaism,” and the adoption of the term “rabbi” by Rubin, who attended a Christian seminary in Chicago. Sorry, Rev. Rubin, you will have to sit at the rear of the column for a long time to come.
Larry Levey

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