“Spies Against Armageddon — Inside Israel’s Secret Wars”


spies_coverWhen news recently broke about Stuxnet, the intriguing and seemingly harmless computer virus that was slowly derailing Iranian’s nuclear enrichment plans, it didn’t take long for even the most civilian of viewers to solve the puzzle of its origin: Israel.

Dating back to before its founding, Israel’s covert (and often overt) activities have both shocked and amused the world.

Yet, how did a country half the size of Maryland and carved out of a desert with scant natural resources, become the yardstick to which other nations’ intelligence operations are measured?

In their new book, “Spies Against Armageddon,” authors Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman have created a lengthy and detailed, yet extremely readable, book that will satisfy many audiences: Zionists, history buffs, those who prefer espionage, true crime revelers and those captivated by current events.

Some of the tales here have been told before, but even those who consider themselves  Sayanim  in spirit, if not in actuality, will be surprised to read new and differing perspectives on “accepted” Israeli history.

Each chapter places the reader at the event’s exact time and place, uncovering surprising details. But, the book never seems tabloidish or in the mold of a tell-all.

It’s a fantastic jumping-off point for those looking to be amazed.

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