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The JT’s Feb. 26 editorial “How to Answer Strange Questions” when strangers come to your synagogue was very informative. In the course of questioning, one of the hijab-wearing women, who identified as Muslim, pulled out a Quran. I agree with the JT: “There is no crime in carrying a holy book, but the logistical nature of the pair’s questions raised concern with one of the congregants who spoke to them,” and so a call to security was made when they left. We all should be concerned if we encountered this kind of visit. Why?

Because of what the rest of the JT’s story reveals and the questions it raises. The editorial says: “One of the women, Nabila Quakka, told a television reporter that she has terminal cancer” and she just “wanted to get in touch with my brothers and sisters.”  Right away my antenna went up, and I realized that something was not kosher here. If one is thinking of a possible terrorist attack by women indoctrinated by extreme radical Islamic teachings via ISIS, we have to keep in mind that they are taught from the cradle (womb to the tomb) that they can lie, cheat and deceive all in the name of Allah. So my first thought was, if this woman has terminal cancer, then she is the very one that her leaders would choose to send on a
suicide mission. She’s going to die soon anyway, and she would die a hero.

Also, why did the women want to know when Yizkor would be observed in the synagogue? Because that is a very important time when we pray for our beloved ones who have passed away, and only a terrorist would get pleasure in attacking us at a time like that.

This is a pattern that we can’t ignore. Our places of worship should always be a welcome place for all people of goodwill. But we are living in an age when there are murderous extremists not just in the Middle East, but in Europe, Asia, Africa and, yes, now in the United States. If we don’t take them seriously, we will continue to be their victims, and they will be more emboldened to continue their evil deeds. The JT’s editorial was quite correct: We must stay vigilant, and we have every right to question.

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