Stepping Into The Shoes Of The Elderly

The Holon Children’s  Museum of Israel
The Holon Children’s Museum of Israel

The Holon Children’s Museum of Israel is known for its hands-on, multimedia exhibits, such as “Dialogue in the Dark” and “Invitation to Silence,” where visitors experience a 90-minute tour focusing on what it feels like to live with physical impairments, such as vision and auditory deficiencies.

“Dialogue with Time,” a new exhibit geared toward teens ages 14 and up, focuses on allowing visitors to participate in everyday tasks such as unlocking a door with a tremor, scheduling appointments with limited hearing and walking up stairs with bad knees. The museum hopes that the experiences spark thought about being elderly and dialogue about compassion and understanding.

Former Deputy Minister Lea Ness of the Ministry for Senior Citizens in Israel said the exhibit “provides a remarkable educational experience by allowing young people to literally step into the shoes of the elderly and experience what it feels like to age. In so doing, we are able to expand communal awareness and heighten the bond between generations.”

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