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I am writing in reference to two items in Nov. 15 issue. One is a letter written to the editor by Michael Rodels in which he states that he ordered something from Attman’s and was told he could not eat it there and that they would not give him a refund. The second item is the article about Dr. Bert Miller (“Dirty, Smelly Jew”) who had taught in Baltimore County Schools for 40 years. After working at New Town High School, he retired in protest prior to a termination date in order to maintain his retirement benefits. After all these years of teaching, he is suing the county to have his name cleared and the ability to work again. Of course, he is claiming anti-Semitism among other things. In this day and age, it is hard to believe that these things are happening to these gentlemen. I would think by now we would have gotten over the many prejudices that so many people have.

Judy Stern

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