Succos Inspired: Discovering Depth, Joy & Meaning By Rabbi Moshe Gersht


090415_mishmash_bookSukkot, coming just days after Yom Kippur and needing much preparation for the
holiday, is about much more than the sukkah itself, and Rabbi Moshe Gersht’s new book helps readers navigate these deeper spiritual aspects of the holiday.

“The sukkah is like a new pair of lenses through which we gain a fresh perspective of ourselves, the Jewish people and Hashem,” he writes.

In the first four chapters, Gersht unpacks the essence of Sukkot to more fully understand the reasons for celebrating. In the next chapters, he delves into the mitzvot of the holiday, tackles the concept of faith and addresses the sukkah in terms of the two worlds it represents: the
“temporality of this world” and the “infinite true world and the atmosphere of joy we all await,”
ultimately a place that “fosters unity and growth.”

Gersht also offers sometimes surprising connections behind the four species of etrog, lulav, hadasim and aravot used during holiday and the significance they hold.

The final section of the book looks into the “Soul of Succos,” gently guiding the reader into the most introspective chapters of the book and suggests that the holiday is about experiencing and expressing our spirituality through the
physical world.

Along with Gersht’s inspirational prose-filled book, there is a free study guide available to download at, which allows review of the material and can inspire conversation and deeper exploration with fellow readers.

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