Sweet Memories


Foods often act like a magic time machine that can transport us back to the good old days. Scientists say it has to do with neurons and olfactory sensors, but all I know is that our sense of smell has power to bring back vivid memories.

For me, that’s sticky buns. I’m talking about cafeteria sticky buns from my high school, Forest Park. Just thinking about them brings back the luscious scent. Then my mouth waters with the memory of the gooey taste.

It seems these “cafeteria specials” were not limited locally. My friend, Esther Cohen, from Rochester, N.Y., shared her school’s most requested reunion recipe. I have reconstructed her recipe so it is close to the Forest Park delights. You can easily cut the recipe in half. Here are also a few shorter versions that may satisfy your appetite for sweets — and for nostalgia.

Monroe High School Sticky Buns

Ilene’s Overnight Sticky Bun Cake (Monkey Bread)

Lazy Day Sticky Bun Ring

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