On June 3, Rakhil Tavdidishvili of Baltimore at 92. She is survived by sister Ruto Tavdidishvili; niece Maya Yakobi; and many more family and friends. She was predeceased by parents Iosif and Debora Tavdidishvili. She came from a family of nine daughters and one brother. They grew up in a house in Sukhumi. She lived in her parents’ house until 1994. She lived with her sister Ruto in the house during the civil war in Georgia from 1992 to 1994, after which they were forced to move to the United States, where their older sister lived. For everyone in the family she was a symbol of hard work, and incredible love for life. All her life she lived in the same house, then the same apartment building in the U.S. with her youngest sister Ruto and her disabled son Merabi.

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