That Is Kosher To Me


Regarding “The Kosher Machine” (Aug. 9): I come from a kosher, OU upbringing, having lived in Florida, Boston, New York and now here in Baltimore. … I do not run a restaurant or cater or have any family connection to the kashrut industry. But I watch [here in Baltimore] and see how [this hashgacha] … is separating Jews from other “higher Jews.” That doesn’t sit easy with me. … If a business is happy with the OU kosher label, the Va’ad bad mouths the business. This is bully-like behavior and not what a good, Jewish organization should be about. … Kosher (from my yeshivish upbringing) is based on food and the Jewish laws of preparation, not who is wearing what, the attitude of workers, etc. The OU has much more credibility in my book. I hope that this coming year the Va’ad can look closely at Jewish law and what has been taught in the Torah: how to treat all Jews equally. Now, that is kosher to me.

E. Cohen

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