The 26 Recommendations


1. Improve the housing stock through code enforcement, help to homeowners and technical assistance to communities.

2. Address the high number of distressed vacant properties through renovation or other strategies.

3. Preserve Park Heights Avenue as a pedestrian-friendly “Urban Boulevard.”

4. Ensure that development projects are compatible with the integrity and stability of the neighborhood.

5. Promote development that complements existing neighborhoods.

6. Create positive change along Reisterstown Road through a strong merchants association, aesthetic improvements, strategic marketing and enforcement of rules and regulations.

7. Improve parking, marketing, signage and streetscape within the Mount Washington Village commercial area.

8. Develop the Jones Falls Trail and Western Run Spur as a community wide family amenity.

9. Protect Western Run Park and encourage its use as a community amenity.

10. Promote, maintain and continue to improve Luckman Park. In progress.

11. Continue implementation of the Northwest Park Master Plan with the goal of making the park a hub for recreation in Northwest Baltimore.

12. Develop and implement a plan to improve the athletic fields at the Pimlico Public Safety Academy.

13. Identify and develop “pocket parks” to provide informal play spaces, gardens or “lawns” for the community in areas where larger parks are not immediately accessible.

14. Promote a “Greening Program” for Northwest Baltimore that involves citizens, city agencies and nonprofit groups.

15. Complete and implement a traffic plan for the entire SNAP area to improve traffic safety and flow.

16. Improve alternative modes of transportation making it easier for people to get around Northwest Baltimore without a car.

17. Promote pedestrian use of Park Heights Avenue by making it an easier, more pleasant place to walk.

18. Address traffic concerns surrounding schools and improve safety for children traveling to and from school through the Safe Routes to School programs at local public and private schools.

19. Continue and strengthen the NW School Community Partnership.

20. Enhance and modernize school operations.

21. Offer adult education at area public schools.

22. Offer educational opportunities at local community facilities.

23. Improve community participation in public safety.

24. Strengthen and support citizen volunteer safety groups.

25. Partner with the fire department regarding long-term plans for the Glen Avenue fire station.

26. Partner with the police department regarding long-terms plans for the Northwest District police headquarters.

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