The Associated: Always There When You Need Us


100215_ftv_rabin_nancy_kohn100215_Nina_RosenzwogThroughout this past year, as campaign chairs, we saw firsthand how Associated funds are used to benefit our community. But nothing was as powerful as the words and thank you’s from individuals whose lives we changed.

For almost 100 years, The Associated has been part of the fabric of our community, assisting Jewish Baltimore through difficult times from the Depression and the Holocaust to the great recession of 2008. Throughout these decades, The Associated has responded to changing times and changing demographics with innovation and well-researched solutions to problems.

Recognizing a growing senior population, The Associated developed senior living facilities to house our aging population and created aging-in-place communities. When it was evident there were victims of domestic and elder abuse, we implemented counseling and education programs. And when we saw the younger generation turning away from traditional Jewish institutions, we created innovative engagement programs such as Charm City Tribe and Hebrew School on the Farm to re-engage them in Judaism.

Yet, sometimes in our conversations with potential donors, we hear people tell us that The Associated doesn’t need our money. Unfortunately, this is not the case. With community needs growing and costs continuously rising, every gift, no matter how big or small, counts.

Without our community’s participation, we wonder how we will meet our future needs. Imagine if we had to reconsider: putting food on someone’s table; providing the educational tools for children with learning differences so they can succeed as adults; offering programs to help the unemployed gain workforce skills; helping our senior population age in place; supporting meaningful Jewish education; and providing security for our Jewish institutions.

This last point, the need for providing ever-increasing security, illustrates how we must continue to be responsive to new issues as they evolve; yet, must not lose sight of our ongoing mission.

We know there are many wonderful organizations that offer meaningful programs that vie for our hard-earned dollars. Yet, The Associated is the only Baltimore area organization that reaches all Jews — and that depends on the Jewish community to survive.

We think the Jewish community is important and if we want to sustain it, we all need to participate. As a community member, you have a stake in where we go. Let’s move forward, together, today.

Nancy Kohn Rabin and Nina Rosenzwog are the annual campaign chair and the women’s campaign chair, respectively, for The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Help support our community at


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