The Best Medicine


The July 5 issue of the Baltimore Jewish Times had an article titled “The Best Medicine,” which was all about my volunteer work at the Hackerman Patz House and the Jones family from New Mexico I met while doing volunteer work there.

Cameron Jones, 7 years old at the time (four years ago), was there for leg surgery. He and his family were living at the Hackerman Patz House, across from Sinai Hospital.  I had shared my story with Chava and Stanley Drebin about my visit to New Mexico when the Jones family invited me to visit them a little over a year ago because they were no longer coming to Baltimore because Cameron’s doctor moved to Florida; they told me how much Cameron missed me.  Several days later I got a call from Simone Ellin who told me she wanted to interview me about my story.  I agreed. …

I just wanted to let JT [readers] know that I have heard from people I haven’t heard from for a very long time via telephone, and several people have mailed me copies of the article telling me how much they liked it. People I don’t even know have approached me on the street, in grocery stores and everywhere else to let me know how much they liked the article. They recognize me from the picture that was with the article.

The other day I was walking up some steps in a building when a gentleman behind me said, “Excuse me miss.”  I said, “Yes, what can I do for you?”  He said, “Could I have your autograph?”  I said, “Why?”  He said it was because of that fabulous story about me in the JT.  I laughed, and we continued walking and talking.  I just want to thank Chava and Stanley, Simone Ellin, the JT and everyone who has been so friendly.

The only thing I would like to correct is to inform the community that I am not 69 years old yet, [I am 68].

Frada Wall

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