The Deal With Iran: Peace In Our Time?


After years of negotiations, Europe and America have seemingly come to terms with the following fact: Iran is the devil who will have to be dealt with on terms that will possibly limit her threatening nuclear capabilities at least for now. After lauding the deal as an option that is better than war, President Barack Obama seems to have presented the American people, if not the world, with a result that seemingly only postpones the inevitable.

Give the negotiators credit: They stuck with a vision that they believed would make the world a safer place by placing a number of restrictions and limitations on Iran’s nuclear-making capabilities. However, the whole deal is subject to verification, not trust, through the International Atomic Energy Agency, a castrated arm of the United Nations, which has no power and has been constantly fooled, limited and taken for excessive rides by an Iran, which has become a master of deception and constant mistrust.

And after all the expected reactions from the right and left were announced, the question is: Why did Obama and Europe pursue this deal with Iran? If you look at the larger, more grandiose picture of the president’s foreign policy, you will see a very interesting revolution having taken place: He has opened up and tried to turn the tables back with countries traditionally seen as America’s enemies.

The legacy Obama wishes to leave with less than two years to go of his second term has allowed him to shift policy regarding his original declared intentions with Iran. Remember, he had first stated to eliminate Iran’s nuclear program entirely. That did not happen, and, in fact, after 10 years, Iran will have the option to become a major nuclear power in the Middle East. If we were talking about Switzerland or Finland, that would not be so much a world issue. But we are talking about a country that is seeking to dominate the entire area through its use of terrorism cohorts who are fighting in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and, of course, always threatening Israel.

Despite vocal opposition from certain parts of Congress,  at the end of the day, Obama will have his way, because Congress may have a loud decibel level of protest, but its members will never want to embarrass their president on such a foreign policy foundation such as this. They may not like the president, but they are American patriots, and to have the President internationally humiliated by failing to approve this treaty would be disastrous: America would be seen to be untrustworthy, weak, hand-bound and politically straight-jacketed, and no American politician would want that vision to be realized.

The truth is that when you are dealing with Iran and its mullahs, the only country that can now sigh with delighted relief is Iran itself, as it laughs its way to the bank. Note, however, that the deal has not yet been signed and awaits signatures. Should we hope that all the papers of the deal suddenly disappear only to be found in a time capsule 300 years hence?

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