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Maya & Drew  Bloomberg First Date:  August 2007,  DiPapa’s in Miami Wedding Date:  Nov. 14, 2015 Venue:  Four Seasons Baltimore Residence:  Miami Favorite Activity:  Working out
Maya & Drew Bloomberg
First Date: August 2007, DiPapa’s in Miami
Wedding Date: Nov. 14, 2015
Venue: Four Seasons Baltimore
Residence: Miami
Favorite Activity: Working out

On a stifling hot August afternoon in South Beach, Fla., Drew Bloomberg suggested to Maya Smith that they walk their Miniature Goldendoodle puppy, Jessie, at South Point Park.

Upon their arrival, they experienced a challenge with parking, and Drew quietly stewed. After deciding to valet at Smith & Wollensky, one of Miami’s finest restaurants, Maya and Jessie exited the car as dogs were not allowed. Drew found them later at the beach.

As they strolled, they bumped into Larry Glick, Drew’s coworker and an amateur photographer, capturing beach scenes. Drew asked him to take their “family photo.” They ascended a hill to capture the breathtaking view in the background.

As Maya knelt down to grab Jessie, Drew asked if she thought it a coincidence that they ran into Larry. Then he asked if it was a coincidence that he “had something in my pocket that I’ve wanted to give you for a very long time.”

He expressed his love and asked her to marry him.

As expected, Maya burst into tears, overwhelmed with excitement. Jessie, it seemed, smiled, as if understanding. Drew had successfully surprised Maya, one who rarely is fooled.

They smiled for engagement photos, and then Drew suggested a celebratory drink on the restaurant patio. Larry took Jessie to his home for the evening.

Maya asked Drew if he would rather stay indoors, as he was quite drenched from the heat. He declined, and as they descended the stairs to the patio, Maya found their friends waiting with champagne, flowers and signs congratulating them on their engagement.

Maya and Drew were introduced from afar by her stepbrother, Jared Kilberg, who Drew had known since age 5. Drew attended the University of Miami, and after Maya committed there, Jared connected them so Drew could show her around before her freshman year. In summer 2007, during the “tour,” they realized their common interests and comfortable conversation.

Once Maya left Pikesville for Miami, they hung out often and soon after began dating, putting a title on their pairing by the end of August.

Their careers took precedence. As Drew graduated, Maya finished her prerequisites and hunkered down for two years in an intense nursing program. When she enrolled in Miami’s nurse practitioner graduate program, the timing was right for them to move in together. Today, Maya, 26, works as a nurse practitioner for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, specializing in hematology/oncology, and Drew, 28, serves as director of sales for Republic Metals Corporation, a precious metals refinery and mint.

They married Nov. 14, 2015 at the Four Seasons Baltimore. Chizuk Amuno Congregation’s Rabbi Deborah Wechsler performed the ceremony, which incorporated personal vows witnessed by their families including Dr. Wendy Zimmerman and Robert Bloomberg, Dr. Samuel and Robin Smith and Linda Harris Smith.

Today, they acknowledge their love in everything they do together from walking Jessie to working out to cooking and eating new foods.

“We spend so much time together… and laugh so much,” says Drew. “I’m excited to see what the future holds with Maya.”

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