They Were Neighbors, But Met on JDate

The Rosen family is, from left, 3-year-old Ruby, Laurie, 9-month-old Spencer and Michael. (Provided)

Laurie Collins Rosen
& Michael Rosen

First Connection:
September 2011

Wedding Date:
May 17, 2014

Royal Sonesta Harbor
Court Baltimore


Favorite Activity:
Dining out, traveling,
spending time with family

They attended University of Delaware at the same time. After college, they lived two blocks away from one another in Federal Hill. Michael and Laurie Rosen may have crossed paths, but they didn’t meet.

Years passed. Mike attended dental school at the University of Maryland. Laurie taught second grade at Deep Creek Elementary in Baltimore County. Then, in 2011, Mike saw Laurie for the first time — or rather her profile — on

“I saw that she went to Delaware,” Mike remembered. He messaged her. Laurie messaged him back and they went out for frozen yogurt in Federal Hill at Afters Café.

“I think we knew there was a connection there from the very beginning,” Mike said. Laurie agrees. “We went out twice that week,” she said. “And we had a really long first date.”

A year and a half later, Mike and Laurie visited Florida on Mike’s birthday. Laurie planned to surprise Mike with a cruise for this birthday. But Mike had a surprise planned for her.

Before the trip, Mike informed his and Laurie’s parents of his intentions to propose. Laurie’s parents acted as double agents, informing Mike of Laurie’s plans so he could surprise her on the boat trip with an engagement ring. “I bought two spots on the boat,” Laurie said. “But he bought all the spots on the boat.”

The weather, however, planned its own stormy surprise, and the boat trip was canceled. Laurie called her parents for advice on a Plan B for Mike’s birthday. Her parents suggested they go to the Ritz Carlton in Naples for lunch on the beach. Then they texted Mike to inform him of the new plan.

The proposal “didn’t go according to plan,” Mike said. But Plan B “worked out. She still said yes.”

During their one-year engagement, the couple moved to Palm Beach, Florida, for Mike’s residency at a veteran’s hospital in West Palm Beach. But they planned to move back to Baltimore afterwards. “We knew it was a one-year thing because my family’s here,” said Laurie, who is from Pikesville. Mike, who hails from Suffern, New York, adds: “Our friends and family were from the northeast. It was tempting to stay down there, but we knew going into it basically we’re going to have fun living somewhere different for a year.”

They got married on May 17, 2014, in Baltimore at the Royal Sonesta Harbor Court. “The location was really important to us because that’s where we met,” Mike said. “Incorporating downtown Baltimore into it was a big thing for us.”

Now settled in Pikesville, their family has grown to include their almost-3-year-old daughter Ruby, their 9-month-old son Spencer, and their puggle, Bentley.

And life has been busy, particularly in the past year.

“Mike had an opportunity to start his own practice,” Laurie said. The opportunity was promising. The timing, however, could have been better. “He opened the Center of Dentistry on a Monday and we had our second child on a Thursday. Of the same week. He opened on April 16 and we had our son on April 19. It was a busy week,” she laughed. “All of our friends and family were like: ‘You would be able to juggle this. It fits you guys to a T.’ Two huge milestones in a week? But it all worked out. I was just praying I wasn’t going to have that baby on his grand opening.”

Both milestones — the dental office and the baby — were a team undertaking, says Mike. “With the dental office she’s definitely been a major help. She’s got a marketing background,” and in addition to working as a loan consultant for HFS Financial, Laurie has “been helping with PR and marketing.”

During their non-business hours, “we do a lot of fun day trips, we travel. We go to restaurants but we’re with the kids a lot,” Laurie said.

“Having two amazing kids” is one of the “happiest parts” of being married, according to Mike, as well as his compatibility with Laurie. “We complete each other, as the cliché goes.”

Laurie agrees. “He’s definitely the calm to my craziness and keeps me grounded. He’s more of the realist, while I’m more impulsive. We just balance each other out.”

“I tell people she’s my social chair,” Mike agreed. “She makes a lot of the plans.”

Laurie says, “We make a really good team.”

Erica Rimlinger is a Towson-based freelance writer.

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