This Is Not Nazi Germany


Like my fellow Jews, I was moved by the tragedy in Pittsburgh and I appreciate the detailed coverage that the Jewish Times gave to the massacre (“It’s a Horror,” Nov. 2). In the face of the tragedy, there are lessons to be learned.

First, this is not Nazi Germany in 1938. In Pittsburgh, not only did the police protect the Jews, taking casualties in the process, but many religious and ethnic groups from Hindus to Muslims came out in support of their Jewish fellow citizens. Second, U.S. government officials publicly expressed their support for the Pittsburgh Jewish community and joined in its mourning, unlike the Nazi officials in 1938 Germany, who publicly supported the murder of Jews.

I did, however, have one problem with the JT’s coverage. It was very difficult for me to see the words “baruch dayan ha’emet” plastered over the names of the murdered Jews. How God can be praised when 11 Jews are murdered in a synagogue by a professed anti-Semite is totally beyond me.

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