This Little Wino-Bourbon Lover Went To A Brewery


051614_patti-unionI am going to surprise you. I decided to go on a tour to help better my skills and knowledge and become a “better-rounded” spirit, hospitality gal. That being said, I took a tour of the closest brewery to my home, Union Craft Brewery. Greeted by two of the three co-owners, Pikesville-raised Adan Benesch and Jon Zerivitz, in the lobby, aka the Tasting Room, I started my journey.

Union Craft Brewery opened in the Woodberry neighborhood in the summer of 2011 and is a burgeoning freshman in the local craft brew world. As per the website, the 7,200-square-foot facility sells a line of up to 21 beers, including ever-changing seasonal ales and some staples such as Duckpin and Blackwing (Ravens and Orioles have black on their wings). Also for sale are growlers to go, in two sizes.

Who had duckpin bowling parties at Fairlanes? I did! This is a hoppy beer that combines citrus and grapefruit notes and flavors. I might call it a Sauvignon Blanc kind of beer. Next, I sipped the distinguished 2012 Great American Beer Festival gold-medal winner for German-style Altbier, called Balt Altbier. This is a big-time award, so kudos to the freshman!

The Tasting Room is definitely hopping, with happy hours and weekend tour times. It can be found at 1700 Union Ave.

Patti Neumann is publisher/founder of and an award-winning columnist and blogger on food and wine. Find her pages on social media under CityPeek Patti and


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