Trump Is Dangerous to Democracy


Regarding Rabbi Landau’s moving article (“My Inner Conflict on Trump,” Sept. 28), while I, too, am happy that Israel has a friend in Donald Trump, one can make the argument that his actions have hindered rather than helped the cause of peace with Israel’s Palestinian foes, who now have nothing to gain by pursuing negotiations, even if they had been inclined to do so.

I would like to add some other issues to consider for those who are conflicted about the president. His policies include the separation of immigrant families; putting millions of people’s health insurance coverage in jeopardy by trying to abolish the Affordable Care Act; attacking the intelligence community, which he thinks is supposed to do his bidding; denying climate change and severely weakening the EPA while the U.S. withdraws from the Paris climate change agreement; putting National Park lands up for bidding by oil and other developers; attempting to gut our public schools in favor of privatizing all levels of education; emasculating the Consumer Protection Agency; insulting our closest allies and weakening NATO and the EU while cozying up to Russia; imposing tariffs that are devastating American farmers; labeling the press as the “enemy of the people” (a term once reportedly used by Stalin); and exhibiting utter disregard for the Constitution. Yes, the economy is going great, but if that is one’s main concern, note that the recovery started long before Trump ever stepped into the White House.

We are now living under a dictatorship of the minority. He has not made even one gesture to unite the country. To the contrary, he revels in conflict and chaos. His extreme narcissism, not love of country, is the core of everything he says and does. Even if one approves of his policies, do we really want the country that produced Washington, Lincoln and Reagan to have this man as the leader of the free world? Trump is not the first president to be lacking in moral rectitude, but he is certainly the most dangerous to our democracy. His power must be checked.

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