Tu B’Shevat Tips

  1. Put reminder signs up at every light switch: “Last one out…turn off the light!”
  2. You can save nine gallons of water every time you brush your teeth by turning off the faucet while brushing. Clean water is a vanishing precious resource. The average American consumes over one million gallons of water each year.
  3. Change some habits; each time there are leftovers, store them in a plastic or glass container. Try to eliminate using plastic wraps and aluminum foil.
  4. Recycle you newspapers. If people in the United States recycled on tenth of their newspapers, we would save 25 million trees every year.
  5. Tired of receiving baskets full of junk mail every day? Put a stop to it! Send a request to the Direct Marketing Association to take your name off the computerized lists. The address is: Direct Marketing Association, Mail Preference Service, 11 West 42nd Street, P.O. Box 3861, New York, NY 10163
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