‘Turbulent Waters’


I praise Rabbi Landau for honoring the conflict he, as many others, feel with regard to President Trump (“My Inner Conflict on Trump,” Sept. 28). I could sense he searched for the right words, the right nuance to address his conflict whether it be pulpit or personal.

While I am a Zionist, I am not a “religious Zionist.” I’m pleased the U.S. is finally walking its talk on Jerusalem and Trump has moved goal post for peace negotiation towards Israel’s favor. History’s lesson is not to judge good or bad too soon.

Yet, for all the ugly and perhaps unstable reasons the rabbi cited, the whole world is in uncharted and turbulent waters. President Trump swings the largest oar, and there are no lifeboats. So, I see no reason to expect anything but increasing chaos, vulgarity and showmanship at the expense of a recognizable future for our people and planet.

I hope I’m wrong.

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