UMD, Morgan State Receive Federal Transportation Research Grant


The University of Maryland and Morgan State University are two of seven universities that will split a $2.8 million transit research grant, Senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski announced last week.

The Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration grant, for $2,828,200, will fund research into solutions that focus on economic competitiveness. Primarily, the schools will look at reducing traffic congestion, promoting alternative ways to move freight and provide insight into intercity and intermodal travel. UMD will receive the majority of the funds while the other six recipients split the remainder.

“Marylanders spend way too much time stuck in gridlock and waiting on trains,” Senator Cardin said in a statement. “The solutions that will save us time and money are out there and it will be the University of Maryland and Morgan state, who will deliver the results.”

“Smart funding to develop new transportation solutions for our highways and byways, rail and bridges is laying the groundwork for our future,” said Senator Mikulski, who also serves as the chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee that funds the Department of Transportation, in a statement. “By investing in cutting-edge research at Maryland’s leading universities, we are standing up for jobs and working to improve the quality of life for all Marylanders.”

Other schools that will join the University of Maryland and Morgan State in the research are Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, North Carolina State University, Old Dominion University and the University of New Orleans. The schools will decide among themselves how the funds will be divided.


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