Understanding J Street’s Policy


At the J Street policy conference, the organization unveiled what it is terming its 2Campaign, which is focused on defining what it means to have two states for two people. The organization plans to invest $1 million in this campaign in the coming year.

As part of that, J Street outlined the four components it sees as key to the two-state solution:

• Bases borders on pre-1967 lines with agreed-upon land swaps and provides robust security guarantees

• Evacuates settlements outside Israel’s future borders while compensating the estimated one-in-five settlers who relocate to make peace possible

• Establishes the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Palestinian neighborhoods as the capital of the future state of Palestine. Holy sites would be internationally protected and accessible to all

• Resolves the Palestinian refugee issue through resettlement in the future Palestine or third countries, compensation and a symbolic level of family reunification in Israel itself.

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