‘Unpacked’ to Teach Young Jews about Israel

(Photo courtesy of YouTube.com)

The Jewish education community “is years behind and we need to catch up,” said nonprofit Jerusalem U.

Their solution: put it on YouTube.

Kids and teens spend approximately six hours online daily, making YouTube the largest global classroom and the number two search engine, an ideal venue for new educational videos on Jewish life and history.

“For decades the Jewish community has struggled to reach and teach the growing number of Jews that do not have access or choose not to access traditional Jewish learning opportunities,” said Dina Rabhan, the recently named CEO of Jerusalem U.

“Unpacked” aims to change all of that and to “make sure there is quality Jewish learning accessible and available to anyone searching or interested,” Rabhan said.

The videos aim to answer big questions and cover complex issues for their audiences.

To jumpstart the project, Jerusalem U is running a campaign urging users to “take 10” by watching a 10-minute video delivered to their inbox each week in order to catch up on modern Israeli history. The first video series is called “The History of Israel Explained” and unfolds over 55 episodes.





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