US Is Not Jewish Homeland


After reading Allan C. Brownfeld’s letter in last week’s issue (“American Jews’ Homeland is the United States”), I felt compelled to reply with some frightening, yet factual information.

Jews have been kicked out of every single country in which they have lived since they entered the land of Egypt in Biblical times and continuing with the Diaspora following the destruction of the Second Temple. This is an undisputed fact. The only question is why?

Let’s check our history for some insight. Our Torah tells us that when Pharaoh saw that the Hebrews had become too numerous, it was time to act, for fear of them going to war against the ruling government. Rewind a few years, and we see that the Hebrews went to Egypt for one purpose only — to get food during the famine. Commentaries abound that suggest that when the famine ended, our ancestors should have left Egypt and returned to their homeland, the land formerly known as Canaan, which would eventually be called “Israel.” But they did not leave. They had become so deeply insinuated in Egyptian society, culture and government that Egypt was their paradise. Why should they leave? They had it good! They were true Egyptians, albeit Jewish Egyptians. It took 400 years of slavery and some miraculous events to change our thinking. The message was clear. We did not belong there.

Fast forward. The Spanish Inquisition, followed by the expulsion from Spain. The Chmelnitski massacres. The numerous pogroms and massacres that chased us out of Russia. But we didn’t learn. We settled in the Pale of Settlement, mostly in the Ukraine and BieloRussia. During WWI, Jews served proudly in the German army. Many Jewish veterans were highly decorated soldiers. They were proud to fight for the German Fatherland. Again in WWII, the same thing. What proud Germans we were. Hitler would never hurt Jewish war heroes!

Does Mr. Brownfeld think we are safe? The United States is not, nor will it ever be, our homeland. We are guests here. Nothing more.

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