Was This Intentional?


A Chabad advertisement on page 40 of the Oct. 11 JT describes an upcoming guest speaker as having been a “conservative rabbi” for 20 years. Wrong. That should be Conservative Rabbi in capital letters.

Was this intentional? If so, what this illustrates is Chabad’s pernicious disrespect for Jewish religious affiliations other than its own. Such conduct is unconscionable. … It goes along with its leadership’s longstanding efforts to delegitimize non-Haredi strands of Jewish religiosity. … Recall the Israeli Knesset’s question in 1980 over “Who is a Jew?” It was masterminded from America by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and was only beaten back by Baltimore icon Shoshana Cardin and other paragons of communal valor.
Sam Betancourt
York, Pa.

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